maanantai 19. maaliskuuta 2018


I was in Milan with my daughter for 4 days. Milan is interesting place. International atmosphere and delicious foods. Weather was ok. Rainy and sunny as an expected currently of the year. I was not surprised when Italian tried to speak with us Italia, because same happened in Canarias Islands. We look like each other.

I am interested in the architecture as you can see from the pictures. I love everything about design. Milan is full of design. North Italy is rich area and close to France and Switzerland.

Risotto is traditional food in Italy

You cannot find this kind of phone in Finland but in Italy and Turkey

Italy means pizza, ferrari, football etc.

You can see a lot of electric car on the streets. I haven't seen a single Tesla but many small electric cars

Red means Ferrari in Italy.

This Duomo church or cathedral is worth to visit. It is amazing, breathtaking...

Green on the balconies

We took city tour, which it took 1,5 hours. City tour is the best way to discover city

Design bike


I am not George Colony but Mustafa :) Lake Como is spectacular place. It was rainy day :(

Temple nearby the Lake Como


We have rented a smart car for one day and drove to Como lake and Switzerland. Switzerland border is not far away from Lake Como. Thanks it was rainy day, otherwise must stop here and there to take pictures :)

And if you have Finnish driver license, you can drive anywhere in the world and in any condition.

South Switzerland was so high place. Smoky mountains.

Church in Lugano/ Switzerland

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